Dolphins in Gibraltar 1#

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Dolphins in Gibraltar

#Gibraltardolphins #dolphins Wait for it, All four jump in unison. Amazing boat trip with the dolphins in Gib.

Posted by Ex Pat Page on Thursday, 23 May 2019
Watch at 1.30 ish

Dolphin watching

Crossing the border from Spain to Gibraltar myself and my family had no idea we were going to see the Gibraltar dolphins. We spent the most excellent day searching the streets of Gibraltar looking at the very English shops and contemplating where we were going to go.

We had been approached on entry to Gibraltar regards perhaps seeing the dolphins and we had said we wondered what the chances were of seeing the dolphins were. Several coastal boats in Spain offer this service which I personally have been on and never seen the dolphins on those occasions.

We decided because of the heat we would not go up the mountain and see the monkey’s and the caves. Anyhow, we mooched around and hit back at the Marina around 3:30 – Just in time as it happens to get on the last dolphin boat out leaving at 4:00

We asked for a deal and got it for 20 euros each, not bad for roughly an hour. A guy told us they had had success seeing the dolphins that day and they were showing up, however we had no idea just how much showing up the dolphins would do.

We headed out on the boat all very relaxed and it motored for a square looking thing. The guides were great and very knowledgeable. Not only that they were respectful. They told us that they do not chase the dolphins when they see them. They let the boat glide along so the motors and propeller do not interfere with the dolphins.

Pods of Gibraltar dolphins swimming

The dolphins after around a 15 minute search came into view. Not only were there several but around 150 turned up. They loved been just off the boat. See video of 4 jumping in unison around 1:30 of the above video mark.

Apparently for the first time ever a certain breed mated with another breed accepted into the pod and a “hybrid” dolphin was born.

Spain explained.

Amazing footage of a super-pod of dolphins in Gibraltar

The dolphins in Gibraltar were all around us, you basically did not know where to look next. Coupled with the fact that they were respectful and nailed it by knowing what they were doing we highly recommend this dolphin trip.

Seeing the dolphins in their own environment was truly a great experience. Where they should be. There is a dolphin show on the coast in Benalmadena, the billboard depicts dolphins swimming in the sea with a desert island in the background with birds and basically a vision of dolphin freedom.

Please do not visit dolphins in swimming pools

How is that right? The billboard depicts dolphin freedom when in actual fact they are in a concrete tank and been told what to do by the offer of fish. Anyone thinking this is right then hopefully the video here will change your mind. Animals of any kind should not be paraded to the public and the determent of their health and rights as a free animal.

Especially when you can see them in their own environment for probably less than the ticket fee to see the dolphins perform tricks.

Check out the video at the 1 minute 30 mark. This is an amazing site when four dolphins jump in unison out of the water. The guide and people on the boat ask for footage. well here it is, we hope you enjoy watching the video and please do share on your social media channels to help spread the great work this company do.

Please visit the Facebook page of the dolphin Gibraltar trip organisers here,

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