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You need private healthcare in Spain to apply for residency. Or maybe, you just require the peace of mind of having a Spanish healthcare plan in place

Private healthcare languages

If you’re looking into private healthcare in Spain you need to be aware of some potential pitfalls with each provider. Firstly the language barrier is probably the most important factor when choosing your private healthcare in Spain.

Its true many medical professionals speak several languages however where your health is concerned this needs to be a Dr or medical professional who speaks fluently in your native tongue.

Does private healthcare in Spain ensure residency?

Yes, the plans come with a certificate which ensures acceptance of your Spanish residency application. Not all healthcare plans do this. Be sure to make sure whoever you choose offers this Spanish residency service.

“Customer service is exceptional. There is no language barrier and this is very helpful to me”

Kerstin Lübke – Policy 31465

A lot of healthcare plans in Spain come with hidden charges, extensive fees going up over time as you get older and things that are not covered by the insurance. These need to be highlighted and you need to understand exactly where you stand regards your plan.

What does the insurance cover?

Another huge and important factor is that you’re aware of exactly what is covered by your healthcare plan. Dodgy salespeople sometimes claim in Spain that pre-existing conditions such are covered. This is simply not the case, at the time of writing we are unaware of any plan that offers this as a service.

This means you must be totally honest regards your medical history. They will find out have you been treated for something that arises later. Think of it like this “Your healthcare insurance is like car insurance, its to ensure any future accidents but not any the car has already had”

“I would like to emphasise the swiftness with which they managed my treatment before and after the surgery”

Stuart J. Cohen – Policy 31812

Private healthcare PDF

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Healthcare FAQ

  • Top Doctors –
  • Immediate access
  • In your language
  • No premium increase
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Close to you
  • Preventive medicine
  • Medical travel cover included

You get a Free choice within numerous and prestigious centres medical directory included. The private GP’s, specialists and emergency hospitals are from day one no period needs to elapse before you can start using your plan. Personal and professional assistance in your language making it stress-free to obtain the plan and to visit the medical centres.

No Premium increases with age.

Due to age. The age you join is the age you stay so your healthcare insurance premium will not go up with age. This is a big deal as many other healthcare insurances do exactly that, increase as you get older.

Private Healthcare in Spain insurance guaranteed for life

Contractual guarantee of no policy cancellation due to age or high usage a huge bonus when obtaining Spanish Healthcare.

With unique customer care and also aftercare provided with each policy we highly recommend you check out this healthcare insurance. Preventive medicine is also provided as part of the plan to help maintain your health.

Healthcare insurance travel cover

International assistance up to 12.000€ in emergencies. Including repatriation into your own country is also included in the plan.

The medical insurance – will never cancel my contract. Moreover, there is no age-related premium increase”

Erk Petersen Policy 31273-02

To make an enquiry regards this healthcare insurance plan and to get in touch with the correct person to send you information please contact the numbers below.

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