Building your own Villa in Spain. Villa Construction

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Have you decided to build your own Villa in Spain?

What is the cost of building a villa? Where do you get the land? What are the building restrictions and can we obtain a license to build property in Spain. Well, albeit this seems daunting and it certainly can be, building a villa does not have be problematic at all. It is very easy when you know how, Spanish banks, red tape and regulatory bodies that deal with licenses and basically ensuring you get the nod to build the property is best suited to those who know how. You can arrive in Spain and view prearranged plots in the location(s) of your choice. This is a great way to visit the country, get a feel for the areas, and view legal plots of land for sale on the Costa del Sol.
The plots of land
Plots can be obtained often with planning permission in place. Or of you use a quality agent then they can be bought knowing that planning / building permission will be granted. This also falls into to category of the relationship of the agent / building company / and the powers that be in Spain. Finding plots of land for sale is not difficult at all. Most agents will take you to each plot and know the Sq footage to work with and the likelihood of the granted build.
New Build Villas
Why buy when you can build? Designing the architecture, internal and external design and swimming pool the way that you want it. Your dream home in Spain can be done with your own taste in mind. Meeting the architect is the first step, architects give you the best ideas, the common sense of how to utilise the space and the best designs for the building. Once this has been done you can look at the drawings and images of what your Villa design will look like when finished. This is where the fun begins and the vision starts to take place before you start to look at potential location to build your Villa. Marbella perhaps? Puerto Banus? Estepona? all very beautiful places on the Costa del Sol.

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What if there is no planning permission?
If no planning permission is in place then the company will deal with this for you. They deal with the local authorities which saves clients a major headache. Red tape is well known in Spain and this particular service enables you to enjoy the Villa build knowing this is being taken care of.

How long is the construction?
usually one year when you get your keys. The actual villa build process around six months. Photos of the Villa being constructed at each stage will be sent to you and you will be regularly updated with progress. 

Can you get a Spanish Mortgage?
Absolutely, you can acquire a mortgage in principle before you start building a villa. Most lenders are happy to borrow under a certain criteria as the property should significantly rise in value before completion. This makes this a very good investment opportunity.

Can you choose the finish?
Always, putting your own stamp on the Villa construction is exactly the idea. From where the swimming pool is constructed, the bathroom tiles, the layout, the terraces, the garden layout, down to where you put the fridge! You’re in control. 


You may have been searching for a long time, however you may not have discovered your perfect property in Spain? Or then again you might know precisely what you need? Why not manufacture your very own bespoke Villa in Spain? You can realise your very own fantasy property designed to your own taste and your pwn thoughts.  

Equitas property Spain can assist you with realising your fantasy: This will enable you to have fun and relax while the process at every stage is being taken care of.

The process is:

    • Creating a list of your wish list
    • Find suitable plots available
    • Putting you dream into a design
    • Land purchase with all legal paperwork
    • Arranging the licenses for the build
  • Lets get you started today!

If you are thinking of building your own Villa in Spain we suggest contacting the above company.

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