Poisonous Toads in Spain

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A Facebook post regards poisonous toads in Spain on the Facebook page Nico Dog rescue.

Bufo Bufo – The Common Toad

To all my friends 
Today my beautiful Gemma has died. She was poisoned this morning. 
We took her to the vets within 20 minutes of seeing her shaking and foaming at the mouth
They gave her medication and put her on a drip straight away. 
They thought because we had acted quickly she would be OK and when we left her there, she seemed to be responding.
The vet phoned at 5.00 to say she had died 
I am absolutely gutted and want everyone to be aware of these toads.
They make a noise like a cat crying. I think that is what attracts the dogs to them

Nico Dog Rescue

Toads Species

There are 7 types of Spanish Toads that can be found in Andalusia all of which are poisonous but the ‘true toads’ of the Bufo family are generally considered to be the most toxic. Toads range in size from 2 – 25 cm (1 – 10 inches). The poison is located in the raised area behind the eyes, known as the parotid gland. Poison is also present in the warts found on the toad s skin. The toad secretes poison when it feels threatened. Toads are nocturnal creatures from the Amphibian group of animals; they live on the land but breed in water. The toad will often burrow itself underground and remain there for long periods of time, particularly during droughts or very cold weather. They are more likely to be seen at night and in wet weather conditions.

What Are the Symptoms of Toad Poisoning?

The affected dog may show some or all of the following symptoms after mouthing or biting a toad:

Drooling, head shaking, pawing at the mouth, crying . 
Attempting to vomit, vomiting, diarrhoea. 
Loss of coordination, irregular heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, 
Convulsions, foaming at mouth, tightly clamped jaws.

What To Do If you Suspect Toad Poisoning?

It is vital to get prompt treatment for your dog. Try to be at your veterinary surgery within 15 minutes as this can make a life saving difference. If you cannot be at your vet within this time because you live in a remote area, speak to your local veterinarian about keeping an antitoxin medication at home.

Keep your pet cool, they can overheat when convulsing.

If the dog is having a seizure handle it with caution, the dog may not recognize its owner and could unknowingly bite.

Can toads harm Cats?

Are Cats Or People At Risk From Toad Poisoning?
It is extremely rare for cats to succumb to toad poising but not impossible. Cats seem to be more aware of the threat posed by these amphibians and tend to stay away. However if you were concerned that your cat had been in contact with a toad the same procedure as for dogs would apply.

Can toads harm humans?

In humans, toad toxin exposure is not considered hazardous but it can cause severe irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. The use of rubber gloves is recommended when handling a toad.

PLEASE PASS ON THIS COULD SAVE SOMEONES PETS LIFE THANKS. It is important to share this on groups and your Facebook timeline.

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